Rising to the Occasion

When I was writing earlier today about how we can gain perspective as single parents and suggesting ways to NOT focus on how bad we might think we have things, I realized that I know several single parents, or people who have had a hard time that have surprised themselves with how they have been able to adjust. I really do think we are all capable of rising to the occasion and once we expand to meet the challenges of what life has asked of us, we are often able to see how capable we really are.

We humans can be amazingly resilient—my grandmother always said that we never get more than we can handle and while I have taken issue with that old adage a time or two, in general, it has proved to be true. We may not be able to handle things initially, but we do manage to usually find a way to rise to the challenges and rise to the occasion. It is amazing how that happens!

Pretty soon, we’re bopping along and functioning in ways we never dreamt possible. In addition to the personal growth and expansion that comes from rising to the occasion, we also have the opportunity to model this resiliency for our children. While we are flawed human beings who may struggle along, we can also show our children what it means to face those difficulties that may have seemed completely overwhelming and daunting, AND to celebrate our ability to do just that. Our challenges do give us the chance to help our children learn how to meet life’s trials and tribulations and rise to the occasion with grace and purpose themselves.

Instead of giving in to those feelings of overwhelm, and thinking that life as a single parent is going to be unmanageable, trust that you WILL rise to the occasion and be able to meet those challenges that come your way.

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