Do you like a challenge, preferring to use both your muscles and your brain? If so, then rock climbing would be an ideal activity.

Having the opportunity to be challenged by nature is exciting and fun. In fact, there is a sense of respect for rock climbing, a feeling very different from other outdoor activities. Although there are a number of ways to start understanding this type of activity, top roping is probably the best. This technique teaches you to trust the equipment and gear systems being used. For this, the idea is to secure yourself to the top with an anchor at the top of the rock.

With top roping, the rope would run from you up through the anchor, and then back down to the belayer, which is the person that secures the rock climbing rope just in case you should fall. For this, you would need gear to include rock-climbing shoes, 10.5-millimeter dynamic rope, and a harness, belay device, five D-shaped biners, three locking carabiners, webbring, or slings, and a variety of chocks. All of this equipment is very important when starting out with rock climbing, especially interactive teaching.

Another thing you want to do is become familiar with the movement and balance that it takes to rock climb. The goal here is to learn about bouldering, which means to complete some challenging moves on rock while still being close to the ground. This way, you are learning the things needed to be good at rock climbing without being high up where there would be potential risk. To protect yourself from injury, we strongly recommend you choose a bouldering pad, which is positioned under the crux. Of all parts of this process and sequence, this placement is the most difficult but it will help should you fall.

Then, we also recommend you use a spotter when you boulder, which is a person that would stand behind you, protecting your head and back so you do not hit anything. While learning the bouldering technique is important, we want to offer another tip. For this, you should consider footholds and your feet 50% more often than you do handholds. In addition, to enjoy rock climbing to its fullest, choose places that match your abilities. Finally, work with a professional when first getting started so any questions are answered. This will ensure you have a great time but also a safe time.

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