Rock N Learn: Money and Making Change

So far it’s three for three. Not only is this the third awesome DVD from Rock N Learn I have reviewed but I have three children who loved learning about money while in Kindergarten. My kids have always enjoyed using play money and playing store. At the same time all disliked money worksheets. So Rock N Learn to the rescue with Money and Making Change. Penny and Bill just made both mom and student very happy.

Penny and Bill are faced with a dilemma. They need to repair a broken speaker before their concert. However, now they need to learn all about money. Your child can learn with them as they make change by buying garage sale items. This proves to be a very fun way to learn basic money skills and making change.

The DVD covers topics like: counting pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, dollars and other bills, writing money, making change and much more. The music is contagious so be warned your little bean counter will be singing as you make change at the store. Not only does this DVD enhance understanding of dollars and cents, it teaches concepts like skip counting and reinforces addition and subtraction. Just think in time your child will calculate change due before the register at the grocery store. With fun like “Do I Have Enough Money?” game and the Count the Coins Game, your child will quickly become proficient in this area of math.

So what about the old methods of playing store and playing with fake money? Well, we still do that as well except now a base understanding exists which makes this type of play more effective. Both methods reinforce the other for a child to truly master money skills on this grade level. Besides, Penny and Bill are super cute and fun to listen to!

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