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Don’t underestimate the passion people have for horses.

I recently posted a blog about crafting a layout featuring photos of my daughter taking horseback riding lessons. Who knew I would receive such an enthusiastic response from fellow scrappers?

I truly underestimated how many crafty folks out there hopped on the scrapbooking bandwagon exclusively to showcase their love for equines. I didn’t realize that some horse shows actually gift memory albums to winners along with traditional prizes, so the recipient can display their photos, ribbons and other memorabilia in an attractive book.

The page design I constructed featuring my daughter’s first formal horseback riding lesson was elementary at best, but thanks to several kind readers I am now inspired to push the envelope and incorporate advanced techniques on a new layout. Some of the ideas the ladies shared with me include:

Horse-shaped Photo Collage: This can either be a single or double page layout. Start by tracing the outline of a horse on your scrapbook page, and then fill it with photos of your four-legged friend. Depending on the number of pictures you plan to use, it’s a good idea to cut the images so they can be artfully overlapped on the collage. Finally, add some horse-themed stickers, stamps or die cuts to embellish the page border.

Horse Silhouette: Select a light colored background paper and glue it to a plain colored scrapbook page. Next, trace the outline of a person riding a horse onto cardstock and cut it out. Then, glue the silhouette near the left side of the scrapbook page. Choose a photo of your horse and glue it on the center of the page. Include a title using rope font and don’t forget to add a few keepsakes, such as prize ribbons or a lock of horse hair on the page as well.

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