RS/EQ: A Pattern of Integrity

In the October 1974 General Conference, President Marion G. Romney described President Kimball’s life as “a pattern of integrity.” As I studied this image, I thought of ways that we, too, can make our life as such.

A pattern is not a singular event. Nor is it irregular. It is consistent. It is steady. It is reliable. It is dependable. No matter what the pattern is, we can count on it.

A pattern is also unnatural. If you look at nature, at the world around you, you will see no patterns. Chaos reigns. Every snowflake is unique. Weather follows no known cycle. To establish a pattern, you must be deliberate, and you must overcome the normal procedure.

Patterns in our lives are stitched the same way. To create a pattern of any characteristic, you must overcome the natural man. You must intentionally and deliberately choose to respond. A pattern in your life is not necessarily easy to create. Like a patterned quilt, it takes time and consideration. You must plan, and then remain committed to that plan. I’m not talking about a “married by the age of 21” plan; I’m referring to a plan in regards to your behavior and responses. You cannot always plan events – or sometimes you plan them and things change. But you can plan how you will react to them.

You cannot accidentally or inadvertently wander into the celestial kingdom. You must determine the destination in order to map out the route. You must make decisions about your behavior before you reach those difficult moments. There is a saying that goes, “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” You must be deliberate in your actions. You must choose early on that you will be married in the temple or that you will keep the word of wisdom. Then, when circumstances seem to conspire to lead you off that path, you will not need to think about your choices. Your response will be virtually automatic.

In the lesson on testimony, President Kimball described your testimony as “golden threads.” He taught his son that those threads “need only be woven into a complete tapestry.” Along with testimony, we need to establish a pattern of integrity into the work that is our lives. Such a pattern will make the tapestry of our lives more beautiful, more wonderful to behold and to experience.

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