Rules of Scrapbooking

The rules of scrapbooking are in the eye of the beholder. In other words, really there aren’t a lot of set things you must or must not do in order to scrapbook. There is a false assumption among some scrapbookers and non-scrapbookers that there is some form of rules that we all must follow in order to be considered a real scrapbooker.

First, let me tell you that it is not true. There is no Order of the Scrapbooker’s who ensures that things are followed. There is not some set of people that will be judging your layouts or visiting your home to be sure you are scrapbooking the right way. Nobody is going to test your products to make sure there are acid free.

Below I have posted the “Rules of Scrapbooking”.

Rule #1 – Use only acid-free products. They really are important to ensure longevity of your photographs and layouts. You can use an acid tester pen purchased at any scrapbook supply store to be sure.

Rule #2 – Focus on the Photos. Most people are scrapbooking because they want to preserve memories. Usually there are photographs they wish to use to go along with the layouts. The photographs should always remain the focus.

Rule #3 – Avoid Sticker Sneeze or Floating Embellishments. Give everything a purpose on your layout. Don’t just cover the pages with stickers and leave things floating around the page without something to anchor it or tie it into the page.

Rule #4 – Take lots of pictures. Not just at events and special holidays, but remember to capture everyday things. You want to preserve as many memories as possible.

Rule #5 – There are no rules of scrapbooking, this whole list is nothing but guidelines to follow to ensure that your memories are preserved in a safe way, but are not a necessary part of the whole scrapbooking process.

Don’t let anyone tell you what is wrong or right. Use your creativity and have fun!