Rules to Remember Before Taking Your Camera on an Airplane

Yesterday I blogged about how a TSA agent spared me from destroying unused rolls of films I inadvertently packed in my checked in luggage during a recent trip. Today I thought it would be helpful to review the rules airlines have in place in regards to flying with photo equipment.

Here’s what you need to know before you take your camera on your next flight:

YES. You can take your camera on the airplane, though I would recommend packing it in your carry-on bag rather than in your checked suitcase given the number of bags the airlines’ loses each year.

Cameras that can safely make it through security checkpoints include:

· Traditional Cameras

· Digital Cameras

· Disposable Cameras

· Camera Phones

· Video Cameras

It’s a good idea to make sure your camera is well protected while traveling. Also, note that all video cameras must be taken out of your carry-on and placed in the same plastic bin as your shoes prior to going through the airport x-ray machine.

To speed up the process (and avoid being pierced by nasty looks from fellow passengers) it is a good idea to make sure your camera is out of your pockets or bag once you get in the security screening area. That way once you get to the area where the plastic bins are available you can simply place it down and continue to the x-ray machine.

Studies show all digital media can go through airport scanners without suffering damage. However, the accumulative effect of x-ray scans on digital media is still not out. But, for now, (according to the FAA anyway) x-ray machines used for carry-on bags don’t seem to harm Secure Digital Cards, CompactFlash Cards, Memory Sticks, Flash Disks, or other digital media storage.

Just remember NEVER to pack your unused rolls of film in your checked pieces. Having them go through the carry-on x-ray machine is fine, but you will destroy any unused film if you send it through the sophisticated, high intensity x-ray machine for checked luggage.

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