Run For Your Life… It’s Bath Day!

Don’t tell Moose and Lally, but they are under attack. I’m on bath patrol! As soon as I’m done here at the computer, I’ll be changing into my bathing suit and rigging up the leashes on the deck to hold the victims in place.

Half the fun of summer and an outside bath is playing with the hose water. Moose LOVES the hose water. He loves to bite it. He loves to chase it. He loves to bark at it! I always end up soaked (whether we’re inside or outside for bath time) but that’s really half the fun.

Moosie has been terribly itchy lately, and his skin is getting very dry and flaky. The oil I’ve been adding to his food has helped a little, but hopefully the oatmeal shampoo I use will help even more. Plus… he tends to have more dander on his coat than Lally does, so when you pet him, you end up with icky residue. Moose definitely needs more frequent baths than his sister does.

Lally doesn’t have the skin issues Moose does, but I use the oatmeal shampoo for her anyway. It’s gentler in general, which is good because she’s had problems with food allergies and plastic allergies in the past. Yes, she was allergic to her plastic bowl so I had to get a ceramic one. Her poor little face broke out in little red bumps and everything.

Lally is definitely NOT a fan of the hose, or bath time in general. She’s small enough and light enough (around fifty pounds or so) that I could just drag her into the shower with me. I’ve done that in the past. But… it’s nice and sunny and hot today, so I figure it’s outside baths all around! Hooray!

Of course… after Moose and Lally get a bath… I’m going to need a bath myself. I’d offer to post pictures of dog torture day… but I don’t think I’m ready to appear here soaking wet in my bathing suit.