Salem Ridge Press Answers the Call for Wholesome Books

Established in 2005, Salem Ridge Press mission is to revive quality wholesome children’s books the entire family can enjoy. Salem Ridge Press is bringing back books from the 1800’s and 1900’s to this generation of young readers. Solid “living books” should never go out of fashion. If you seek to bring your kids great literature you can trust then give these books a chance. Salem Ridge Press offers books in different genres such as historical fiction, allegory, adventure and young readers. They also carry plenty of historical fiction books that focus on church history. A great feature on the site is that you are given information on the time period of each book and notable people the book features. This makes choosing the perfect book for history or literature an easy task.

Solider Fritz and the Enemies He Fought: A Story of Reformation, centers around the German Reformation in 1525-1526 A. D.

Story Synopsis

Young Fritz wants to follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther and be a soldier for the Lord, so he chooses a Bible from the peddler’s pack as his birthday gift. When his father, the Count, goes off to war, however, Fritz and his mother and little sister are forced to flee into the forest to escape being thrown in prison for their new faith. Disguising themselves as commoners, they must trust the Lord as they wait and hope for the Count to rescue them. But how will he ever be able to find them?

Soldier Fritz is an amazing story that will grip your whole family from page one. Your children will literally ask you to keep reading this book. If you assign this book for a child to read on his own you may be surprised how quickly the book is read. My family thoroughly enjoyed this book. The book is exciting, adventurous, and has great symbolism which are great for family conversations.

Down the Snow Stairs by Alice Corkran will be a new family Christmas reading tradition. The site offers a sample chapter for you to read.

Story Synopsis

On Christmas Eve, eight-year-old Kitty cannot sleep, knowing that her beloved little brother is critically ill due to her own disobedience. Traveling in a dream to Naughty Children Land, she meets many strange people, including Daddy Coax and Lady Love. Kitty longs to return to the Path of Obedience but can she resist the many temptations she faces? Will she find her way home in time for Christmas? An imaginative and delightful read-aloud for the whole family!

Is there a child who cannot relate to Kitty’s struggles to be obedient? Is there an adult who cannot relate to this struggle? The wonderful book will open the floor to many conversations among your family. I highly recommend making this book a family read aloud this December. While moral lesson stories can be preachy and boring at times, this one certainly is not. You will be surprised how much your children will learn from this book while enjoying it.

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