Saturday Layout Challenge: A Love/Hate Relationship

Springtime is officially upon us and the birds are singing and even hatching and we were lucky enough to catch sight of some frog eggs that have been deposited into the pond at the barn. I love this time of year. Fall and Spring are my favorites and that hasn’t changed much in a lot of years.

This week’s challenge deals with the things we love (and even the things we don’t love). You have all seen those favorites layouts that have been circulating for the past couple of years. Have you ever done one? If not, now is a great time. If you have done one, how long has it been? Have you glanced at it lately to see what has changed, what things might have become more important to you? And did you create a facing page that tells about the things that annoy you or your pet peeves or even the things you flat out dislike.

Why not create a layout that refers to the things that you love and a second facing layout about the things you don’t love (hate). It doesn’t have to be limited to a favorite’s type list. You could journal all the things you love about being you, and all the things you dislike about being you. Or maybe all the things you love about being a mom and then the opposite. Perhaps you love your job, create a page about why you love your job, and then create another facing layout about the things you wish would change about it.

Don’t just do this for yourself though. You might consider also creating the same type of layout for each of your children, your husband or significant other, friends and other family members.

This layout doesn’t require any photographs at all, but if you choose to, you could just put one photograph of the person the layout is about.

Here are the layout’s I did with this challenge in mind. I actually pulled the things I love/hate from the favorites layouts that are so popular. The only thing I regretted after making this, was the title I used for the ‘hate’ page. I don’t actually ‘hate’. I strongly dislike and am aggitated by. That would have been better. I am currently working on one about why I love being a mom, and the things I have disliked about being a mom. I will share that at a later time.

Why do I do these challenges:

I am doing the weekly layout challenge for several reasons. One, I want you to get your photographs out of storage devices and onto your layouts, and two I want to help you brainstorm ideas, as well as use up your stash of supplies. If there is something you would like to see or something that you need to work on that I might be able to incorporate into a challenge, let me know.

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