Saturday Layout Challenge: Bad Habits

It’s Saturday again, and you know what that means? Time for another fun and creative scrapbook challenge. I have been busily making a great list of ideas for upcoming challenges so be sure and check in often.

Also, remember that the scrapbook challenges often make great additions to an All About Me album, so start creating and save those layouts so that your family has an album all about you, just as you have so lovingly created an album all about them.

I had a few ideas for today’s challenge, but after some careful thought and consideration and a few helpful tips from a friend, I decided that this week’s challenge is to scrapbook your bad habits. This doesn’t have to be all negative. Maybe you have a bad habit that you have broken, and you could chronicle what that was like. Or maybe you don’t think you have any bad habits. If that is the case, be sure and ask your loved ones if they can help you think of one.

Even the person who thinks they don’t have one, does and it just takes someone to point it out.

Do you tend to interrupt? Talk to fast? Bite your nails? Daydream too often? Procrastinate? Tap your fingers, roll your thumbs? Play with your hair? Smoke? Eat too many sweets?

I’m sure you get the idea and hopefully a few of those suggestions got you thinking. Oh, and don’t just stop at one layout either. If you have several bad habits, either create one layout about them all, or handle each habit one at a time. You never know when you will break that habit and years from now it will be fun to look back and see what has changed.

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