Saturday Layout Challenge: Childhood Toys

It is so nice to have the scrapbooking layout challenges back up and going again, because it challenges me to get some stuff done that I might otherwise have just pushed aside. If you are looking for past challenges, you can visit the Inspiration section of the website and get the old ones. I have also moved the challenges from Monday to now post on Saturday. This gives you the freedom of the weekend to participate and also complete the layout.

It is your choice on whether you wish to share the layouts or not. Some weeks I will share a layout with you, to help inspire you to get creative. If you need additional ideas I am sure that you could find some by doing a search.

This weeks challenge takes you all the way back to your childhood. I am sure you have a favorite toy or toys that you remember playing with as a child. I want you to see if you can find a photograph on the Internet or if you still have the original, snap a photograph.

Describe in detail everything that you remember about this toy. Do you remember where you got it from? Was it a special occasion? A hand-me down? What in particular appealed to you about this toy. What can you remember about the way it smelled, felt, sounded like or looked like that made it appealing. How long did you play with this toy? If you don’t have the toy, can you remember why you don’t have the toy now?

My hope is that by some of our scrapbooking challenges, you might be able to complete an ‘About Me’ album and this would certainly be one layout you would want to include.

If you don’t mind sharing your layout, please include a link in your comment below so we can come and check it out.

More great challenges coming next week, and to take a look at past layouts, you can find them in the Inspiration section on this site.

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