Saturday Layout Challenge – Inspirations

What a beautiful weekend we are having here in the Midwest. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and it is warm and spring like, finally! All of these nice sights made me start thinking about what inspires me. Why not create a layout about your favorite things that inspire you to be a better person, inspire you to create, inspire you to do whatever it is you do.

I am a nature nut, so I tend to get inspired by almost anything outdoors. I thought it would be great if I created a layout showing some of my favorite inspirational places. These are places I tend to go when I’m having a bad day, need a little time to think or perhaps am just stuck in a creative rut.

When that layout was complete, I began to think about other things that inspire me. I have people that inspire me, food that inspires me, smells that inspire me, but each thing that I am referring to, inspires me to do something different.

Your layout challenge for this weekend is to figure out what inspires you, even if it is more than one thing. The key to this challenge is to capture everything about the item or place that inspires you to help the view of the scrapbook layout to understand why it inspires you. Snap photographs of everything about it. Zoom in, zoom out, use descriptive words to journal or a big bold title. It is up to you whether you wish to create several layouts or just one telling about everything you can think of that inspires you.

So please, go grab your camera and get started. And once you get those pictures back, do not wait. Scrapbook them immediately while your memories are fresh and the reason for your inspiration is still clear. Things inspire us at different times, and it would be sad to lose the opportunity to preserve that part of yourself.

Why do I do these challenges:

I am doing the weekly layout challenge for several reasons. One, I want you to get your photographs out of storage devices and onto your layouts, and two I want to help you brainstorm ideas, as well as use up your stash of supplies. If there is something you would like to see or something that you need to work on that I might be able to incorporate into a challenge, let me know.

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