Saturday Layout Challenge: The Hard Times

It has returned to the scrapbooking blog. The scrapbooking layout challenges have been resurrected from the dark side and brought back into the light. They have been changed to be offered on Saturday instead of the original Monday’s that we were doing before. The reason for this change is because many scrapbookers really only get to create their layouts and find their special time to scrapbook on the weekends. It seemed that this would be an easier day to put the scrapbooking layout challenges up. I will also be moving past challenges over to the Inspiration section of the blog.

So this week, I am asking you to spend some time thinking about the harder times in your life. We all have them because we are all human. Sometimes it might be a medical condition, sometimes it might be a situation we are faced with that is ugly and filled with stress and sometimes it might just be an event like a funeral or otherwise that overwhelms us and often makes us realize how human we really are.

My challenge for you this week is to take one event or situation in your life and scrapbook it. This layout doesn’t have to include pictures, but it definitely should include journaling. Remember that you can create journaling that is hidden from view, and these layouts do not even have to be included in a regular scrapbook. Maybe you could create them in a smaller size, maybe in an album you use for very private thoughts and moments.

Obviously I don’t expect you to share these very private layouts with anyone, but if you do choose to and its an event that you don’t mind sharing, please include a link in your comment below so we can come and check it out.

More great challenges coming next week, and to take a look at past layouts, you can find them moved to the main Inspiration section on this site.

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