Save 20% On Classic Books From Powell’s

the white rabbitWhat is your favorite Classic book? There is something about books that are considered to be one of “The Classics” that is timeless, engaging, and entertaining. These books have been loved by generation after generation. Right now, you can save 20% on beautifully bound Classic books from Powell’s.

Many of us have our first experience with Classic Literature while we are at school, sitting in an English class. Unfortunately, it seems that being introduced to any of the Classics in this manner is an effective way to cause a student to develop a strong distaste for the book that is being dissected before them. It’s hard to become absorbed by the story when you are anxiously anticipating being called on to read out loud in front of the whole class.

This is quite sad, because these books are called Classics for good reasons! All of them tell a great story, and many also give a detailed look into a particular time in history. Everyone should have at least a few of The Classics in their home libraries, especially if you have children who are old enough to enjoy these great books.

Now, you can save 20% on Classic books from Powell’s. They are from the Penguin Hardcover Classics series. Every book in this series is beautiful to look at. The packaging has been designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith. There are gorgeous patterns stamped onto the linen cases for each book. The books have ribbon bookmarks attached to them, and the books include colored endpapers. Each would make a great gift for the readers in your family this holiday season. If your kids enjoyed the recent “Alice In Wonderland” movie, they might also enjoy having their very own copy of the Classic book the story came from.

Image by Kymberly on Flickr