Save at Walgreens Friends and Family Event – One Day Only!

Walgreens What do you need from Walgreens right now? Perhaps you forgot to pick up something when you went on your last trip to the grocery store. Maybe you just ran out of an important item that you really cannot go another day without replacing. Whatever it is, you can save some money if you shop the Walgreens Friends and Family Event. It is taking place for one day only, March, 31, 2011.

Walgreens, like other drug stores, carries a lot of the items that your family needs. Perhaps your family is suffering through the last of the cold and flu season. Or, maybe the sneezing and runny noses that signal that Spring has finally sprung has affected the allergic members of your family. Either way, you are going to need a few more boxes of kleenex.

The school year has been going on for a long time, and will end in just a few months. How are your child’s school supplies holding up? It might be time to replenish their supply of paper, to get a few new pens and pencils, or to replace that homework folder that has gotten so beaten up that it is barely useable now. You might need a few office supplies that your workplace lacks, but that you require to get your job done.

How much shampoo is left in the bottle you are using? It might be time to pick up another bottle, and perhaps a bottle of the conditioner that goes along with it. This sale is a good time to stock up on whatever feminine products you prefer to use, so you can be sure not to run out when you need them. It’s also a good time to try out that new lipstick or nail polish that caught your eye.

The Walgreens Friends and Family Event takes place on one day only. That day is March, 31, 2011. You can go to their website and print out a coupon that will give you 15% off your total in store purchase on that day. The same coupon will also give you 20% off all Walgreens and W Brand items. Or, if you prefer to do your shopping online, you can get 15% off of your entire order when you use the coupon code: FUN15. This code is good for up to three uses per customer.

The online deal does not include electronics, contacts, diapers, or baby formulas. You cannot use the online deal, or the in store deal, on pharmacy items, photo, cigarettes, dairy products, liquor (or items from the liquor department), phone cards, newspapers, magazines, stamps, or Gift Cards. Everything else is a part of the Walgreens Friends and Family Event deal. Just make sure you shop on March 31, 2011, before the store closes.

Image by Richie Diesterheft on Flickr