Save Money Cleaning Your Own ShowerHeads

So you’ve noticed a distinct change in water pressure. If your showers aren’t flowing as freely as they should, chances are good that the head is clogged. Tiny bits of minerals tend to cake inside the shower head, blocking the free flow of water and making shower time not so nice. Call a plumber? Don’t do it! This is one problem that you can easily remedy yourself, for almost zero cost. Here’s what you’ll need:

* Zipper-type storage bag — quart-size is fine
* White vinegar — the cheaper, the better
* Thick rubber band

Now here’s what you do: First, fill the zipper bag with vinegar. It’s cheap stuff, so don’t worry if a little spills into the tub. Place bag over shower head so that entire head is immersed in vinegar. Secure it with rubber band, then leave the whole shebang to sit for several hours. That’s all, really!

See, the minerals that are in most water supplies are what make it taste good but eventually form tiny stones that clog faucets and shower heads. The acids in vinegar are many. Scientifically speaking, they include tartaric, malic, lactic, citric and succinic acids as well as the ethanoic (acetic) acid which gives vinegar its characteristic aroma. These acids dissolve lime and other mineral deposits making vinegar a safe, natural method of cleaning clogged showers and faucets.

The same technique can be used to unclog sink faucets, too! Be sure to allow ample time for the faucet to be out of commission– organic cleaning methods are good, but not always real fast. If you’re totally into recycling, use the same bag of vinegar to speed up all shower heads in your home and, when you’re done, pour it down a drain to help keep it sweet-smelling and clean running.
Vinegar– not just for pickles anymore!