Save Money on Food

Even though the news has focused closely on the rising cost of groceries, it is still far cheaper to eat homemade foods than restaurant meals. If you are trying to cut back in this crazy economy, food is obviously a necessity. Still, a few creative ways can help you cut back on your food bill, allowing you to have more room in your budget overall.

Once again… I would love to hear your ideas! The following are some of mine:

Make as much as you can from scratch. If you ever take the time to price it out, you will quickly discover that a pre-made supermarket meal, even those that come in the box for $3.99, are far more expensive ounce-per-ounce than making that same meal entirely from scratch. Buy as much of your foods in their most basic natural form and you can easily shave money off your grocery bills.

Planning is another way to save money. Ever find that your lettuce rots in the fridge? Did those hamburger buns get moldy because you forgot to buy the ground beef? Plan your meals before you go shopping. Then you will ensure to have the ingredients you need and you will reduce the temptation to overbuy.

Make and take your lunch to work or school. Not only will this save you money, but it also a far healthier option.

Avoid name brands and use coupons wisely. Just because you have a coupon for 50 cents off Post cereal… check the price against the generic’s regular price. Often, even with a coupon, generic or store brand items are the cheapest.

Avoid the temptation to buy easy foods by making meals in advance. If you always do pancakes on Sundays, make a couple extra batches and freeze them. You can then just pop them in the toaster for a quick breakfast during the week. The same works for casseroles, you can often make two as quickly as one and then freeze the other for a night you need a quick meal.

What are your ideas?? Leave them in the comment box below…