Save Money With the Barnes & Noble Kid’s Club

bn cupcake Do you like rewards and cupcakes? That was the subject line of an email I got this morning. It was from Barnes & Noble, and it was their way of introducing me to their brand new Kid’s Club. It’s free to join, and gives you some great deals on books and more.

If your child enjoys reading, either by herself or by having someone else read to her, you are going to need access to a lot of books. Keeping a child interested in reading is a great way to help her improve her reading and decoding skills. It’s the first step towards becoming a lifelong reader. Reading can be fun, especially when the whole family gets involved. Few things are more exciting to a child who has just learned how to read than to be able to pick out her own books, all by herself!

The Barnes & Noble Kid’s Club is an excellent way to save money on the books your kids want to read. This club is for children who are age 12 and younger. You can join the Kid’s Club anytime, and it doesn’t cost anything at all to join. Either fill out the form at your local Barnes & Noble store, or you can fill out the form on their website. Once you have enrolled in this club, you will have your own account. This allows you to add up to 12 different children onto one account, without having to keep track of several different Kid’s Club memberships. When your child turns 13, her Kid’s Club membership will expire.

The Kid’s Club gives you 30% off the list price of one kid’s book or toy. Naturally, Barnes & Noble will select the least expensive item in your purchase to apply the discount to. But, if you are letting your child pick out “just one book”, then the 30% discount will be applies to that one book. You get a $5.00 reward for every $100.00 that you spend on Kid’s stuff, either in the stores, or online. Members can earn up to four of these rewards per year. Celebrate your child’s birthday by getting a free cupcake from the Barnes & Noble cafe. Free is good!

Image by Rachel Kramer Bussel on Flickr