Save on Gifts at Barnes & Noble’s Christmas Sales

Barnes & Noble store It seems like Halloween was just yesterday, and suddenly, the Christmas sales are starting! Most stores will have at least started to put out some of their holiday items by now. I used to work at a retail job, and I know from personal experience that some stores actually begin receiving their Christmas stock as early August or September. The Barnes & Noble Christmas sales have started, and will remain until Christmas Eve. Of course, the sooner you shop there, the more selection you will have.

The holiday season means you will be spending time with family, with friends you haven’t seen in a while, and potentially with your coworkers at the office Christmas party. These kinds of activities are the best part of the holiday season. However, these same events require people to spend more money than they would have otherwise. Let’s face it, Christmas is expensive! One way to manage your budget around these added expenses is to start your Christmas shopping early. The other way to stay within a budget is to shop at the holiday sales.

Barnes & Noble has a lot of different holiday sales all going on at the same time. You can save up to 45% on the items you find in their Holiday Gift Guide, which can easily be found online. Box calendars are 10% off the list price, if you buy them from the website. Their selection of children’s books range from 10% to 41% off as part of this sale. Are you shopping for gifts for adult family members? Check out the Gift Books, Christmas Stories, and Bestselling Fiction. A quick glance at their website shows that many of these items are 45% off.

If you shop from the website, you can easily take advantage of the “Special Offers This Week” sale. This week, 2011 wall calendars are Buy One, Get the Second one for 50% . Or, Buy Two, and Get One Free from their selection of toys and games. These are just a few of the current deals, and I suspect there will be new deals each week.

Image by Isaac Bowen on Flickr