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I recently saw the cutest St. Patrick’s Day cake advertised in Target’s weekly sales flyer. Instead of the traditional shamrock or leprechaun-inspired cake designs the discount retailer had a pot of gold cake that really caught my eye. Then, I looked at the price. You’d need to find the bling at the end of the rainbow to pay for the sweet St. Patrick’s Day treat.

In all fairness, it’s not as if the cake would set you back a month’s salary, bit for the size of the cake, I didn’t think it was worth the money. So, my frugality got the better of me and now I am determined to make my own St. Patrick’s Day cake featuring a big beautiful rainbow with a pot of gold hidden beneath it.

Here’s my plan:

I’ll start by frosting a standard 9-inch by 13-inch rectangular cake. Since my daughter loves chocolate I will be using a fudgy cake mix, but you could use white or your favorite flavor. Next, I plan to cover the entire cake with simple white buttercream. Leftover frosting will be placed in several small bowls, which will need to be tinted with food coloring to represent the different colors of the rainbow. I also need to color additional frosting to use for the pot and gold.

I will be placing the different colored frostings in different pastry bags and piping the rainbow design on the cake. However, I have learned from past experience that it is better to put the cake in the refrigerator and allow the white buttercream to firm up before frosting it. Next, pipe on the outline of a rainbow and pot of gold, then use a knife or flat spatula to fill in the outlines with the corresponding colors. For added effect you could also sprinkle some edible gold glitter over the top of the pot right before serving.

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