Save Your Couch Today!

couch Don’t throw away your couch, but give it new life with the following tips. You’ll save some money and transform that lived in look to fresh and new.

Removing Pet Hair

Lint roller just don’t work on pet hair. I’ve found that a weekly vacuum using a hose works really well. The key is to attacking the pet hair often so it doesn’t have time to embed itself into your fabric. For a large amount or set in pet hair, put on a clean pair of rubber gloves, and run your hands over the fabric. The pet hair will begin to ball up. Toss the hair and repeat as needed.

If your couch cushions are water safe, you can wet the gloves a bit for faster pet hair pick up. To test for water safeness, find a hidden spot on your couch and blot it with a white cloth. If the color doesn’t transfer, you are water safe and good to go.

Spot Cleaning Stains

Stains can completely ruin the look of your couch. Get them out and give that couch chance to extend its useful life. If you have water safe fabrics, use a bit of dishwashing liquid and a cup of water then whip it up to lots of suds. Dip a clean cloth into the suds (not the water) and use them to dab at the stain. When the stain is gone, rinse the cloth and then blot the suds away.

For fabrics that are not water safe, you’ll need a solvent-based remover. They usually come with an applicator to apply the solution. Make sure to test the solvent first in a hidden spot before using it on your stain.

Cover It Up

Finally, if your couch is a standard size, you can often give it new life (and upgrade your decor) simply by covering it with a new slip cover. You can get standard ones pretty inexpensively, especially when you buy them online. You may also be able to sew one yourself or barter with someone who is talented at sewing.

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