Saving Money is a Never Ending Process

Frugal living is all about saving money, and finding new ways can be challenging. It is a never ending process that requires creativity and much constant thought. Summer is always a time when I have a lot of problems saving money. Children are home from school full time and I have lunches to make everyday, activities to keep them occupied with, and clothing and other items that seem to crop up at this time of year.

I spend half the spring considering how to save money over the summer, sometimes even starting a separate savings account just for summer activities. When children are home constantly, it can take a real toll on savings. In addition, there are camping trips, summer camps and vacations to consider too. In fact, it really does put a cramp in our style, but still I trudge on, determined to save money where I can.

Then there is school right around the corner. School supplies are already starting to make an appearance around here, and I’ve already begun my creative ideas for saving money on those. Each year when I receive a huge list, I go down the list first, to see if we have anything on hand. I also check to see if there is anything I can skip. I always comparison shop, so I check out several stores, including the dollar stores before committing to a purchase.

And then there is the first day of school, and picture day just after that. New clothing and haircuts, new shoes – often two pairs, are just a small part of what I face after school starts. And as the months get colder, new clothing has to be purchased as we try on the previous years clothing and cringe at how much they have grown.

And then, before I know it, it is Christmas. If I have done well during the year, I am almost finished by the time December rolls around, since I purchase things all year round. But with five kids, sometimes those gifts we purchased throughout the year, have been used for birthdays instead. So I have to fill in the gaps.

So I’ve come to the conclusion, that saving money is a never ending process. It requires creativity and determination, mixed with a whole lot of patience. Hang in there, you will see the fruits of your labor…….eventually.