Saving Money on Magazines

Magazines can be costly. Especially when you factor in the fact that most of them are monthly, with some even being weekly. So how do you enjoy your magazines, but save some money while doing it? It’s not that difficult, but in some situations, you might have to spend a little to save a little.


If you have friends or a neighbor, that enjoy the same hobby or style of magazines, share them. Ask around to friends, relatives and neighbors to see what types of magazines they are buying. Then offer some of the ones that you have as a swap or trade. You might not be able to keep the magazine, you will probably have to return it, but who needs all that clutter anyway?


The library typically has the most popular magazines on their shelves. Usually, the current issue cannot be checked out, but you can read it there in the library. After the next issue comes in, they are in the system and you can check out older issues. They only keep the past year or so, and often sell the ones that are older for a dime or a quarter.


Garage sales, yard sales, flea markets, you name it. Anywhere that used items can be sold, typically has magazines. Keep your eyes peeled when you go to these sales, and you might just find a few that you can read.

Get a subscription

Seems like spending money to save money defeats the purpose, but a subscription always costs less that purchasing the magazines at a newsstand or store. And often, if you renew your subscription early, the magazine will offer a substantial savings.

Ebay and other auction sites

Check out auction sites for stacks of used magazines, or to purchase a subscription. Many sellers offer subscriptions for multiple years at only $10.00 which is well worth the money. Search out auctions for your magazines, and see what you can find.

How do you get your magazines for less?