Saving On A Family Day Out

With seven of us in our family, all of us with loads of energy, intelligence and creativity, we go stir crazy not getting out enough. So we strive to find ways to cut costs, but still enjoy a day out from time to time. It helps strengthen our bond as a family, as well as providing us with fun and cheap activities to combat the boredom.

Even if you are only a family of one or two, you can always use new ideas for fun activities and ways to cut your costs.


Movies can be so expensive. With movie tickets in some area’s being around $10.00/person and that doesn’t include your popcorn, soda and treat which they love to gouge us on as well, it’s a wonder that we don’t see movies out in the theaters very often. Try finding the dollar theaters. Although you might have to wait a bit to see a movie until after all of your friend and family have, it’s worth it saving the money! And it’s still an enjoyable day out. We also wait and purchase the movie on DVD if its something we all think we’ll especially enjoy. We buy them used at various Movie rental places. But you can also just rent the movie as well!


Spend some time as a family eating home cooked food, somewhere other than home. Pack up a picnic and take it somewhere and enjoy the beauty of nature. Bring along a favorite family board game or some trivia cards and play together. Try bringing some blank paper and markers and allow everyone to draw a picture of the scenery. Spending quality time together is the ticket, no matter what it is you choose to do on your picnic.

Library or Museums

While libraries are free, some museums are not. However typically they are pretty low cost, but if they aren’t, check to see if they have a free day. Often museums, once a week, or once a month will hold a free to public day. There’s your entertainment for that day! And be sure and utilize your library for all of it’s free resources, movies, books, CD’s and even software on their computers.


While a typical concert can be costly, most cities offer free concert in the park series. They are fun and enjoyable for the whole family! Although we have not been to one this summer yet, I have in fact attended them with my children in the past. They are so much fun and because they are free, you won’t feel bad if you need to leave early or arrive late!

Reading Books

If you frequent your library or you are like us and own enough books to open your own library, enjoy a book together everyday. If your children are older, you can get books like Harry Potter and some of the other series books. Read a couple of chapters each day together. And don’t just read at home. Go to the park, or read in the car (beware of motion sickness). But reading together as a family will instill a love of reading in your children. The more they see you read, the more fun they will realize it is!

Be sure and take advantage of your community’s free outdoor and inexpensive entertainment. Enjoying a day out, doesn’t have to break the bank! Look in your community newspaper or even on the grocery store ad boards. You are sure to find fun and free entertainment or something that won’t cost a lot!

Do you have any great ideas for free entertainment? Please share with us!

Nicole Humphrey writes articles for the Scrapbooking Blog and for the Frugal Blog. She also guest blogs on a variety of topics. You can read more of her articles by clicking here.

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