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Yesterday my second grader selected the Valentine’s Day cards and treats she plans to gift to her classmates in about, oh, three weeks or so.

Given that Wal-Mart, Target and Walgreens have been selling Valentine’s Day paraphernalia since December 27th, I figured we’re far from ahead of the curve.

Not far from the Scooby-Doo, Snoopy and Smurf cards were two gigantic displays of Love Day-themed scrapbook embellishments.

Two gigantic displays of overpriced Love Day-themed embellishments.

Personally, I don’t craft more than two Valentine’s Day-themed layouts per year, so my wallet is not screaming out in pain after coughing up the money for page decorations. However, if you go hog wild crafting entire scrapbooks to commemorate the holiday, I would seriously suggest using online resources that offer a slew of gorgeous flower-themed embellishments to spice up your Valentine’s Day page designs.

There are a number of reputable websites that offer budget-friendly embellishments for Valentine’s Day layouts, including The site sells incredibly beautiful fabric flowers at prices that won’t bring a tear to your eye. In addition, if you are really watching your bottom line, then head over to Karen’s Whimsy, which features free clip art flowers. Classroom Clip Art is another great resource for whimsical flower graphics that are ideal to use on a layout that features kids or pets. I would also suggest checking out free floral stock photos from sites, such as Morguefile. You can download stunning images of real roses, lilies and carnations to use as embellishments on your Love Day layouts.

Once you have the photos and clip art in place, consider expanding on the floral theme by adding related titles, such as:

*Petal Power

*Love Blossoms Here

*A Rose by Any Other Name

*Beauty in Bloom

*Blooming with Memories

*Garden Girl

*Flowers are Love’s Truest Language

*Grandmothers are the Flowers in the Garden of Life

To add even more beauty to your floral-themed Valentine’s Day spreads, consider using free floral fonts to enhance your page titles.

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