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damaged car Let’s face it, people like to complain about their car insurance. Most states require all drivers to purchase car insurance, and no one likes being told that they have to spend money on something, (even if it is something they need). No matter what you are paying on your car insurance premiums, you probably think it’s too expensive. If so, you might be looking around for a new insurance company. The blog at SayEducate has a list of the top five car insurance companies. You may want to give one of them a try.

The price of your auto insurance premiums can, potentially, become very expensive, depending on all sorts of factors. Even drivers with excellent driving records can end up paying a lot on car insurance, if they happen to live in a state where it is more expensive than other states. The type of vehicle you drive is also factored in, and you will pay more if you drive a flashy sports car than if you drive a mini van. Parking your car on the street makes insurance companies feel that you are more of a risk to them than if you have a habit of parking your car safely in your garage every night. Sometimes, it can feel as though your premium is being decided by a roll of the dice, or a thrown dart.

When I read that a blog had selected the top five car insurance companies, it caught my attention. It is nice to hear something positive about insurance companies, every once in a while. It’s also good to know that if you are less than pleased with your current insurance company, you can choose a different one.

The SayEducate blog seems to be one that offers the kind of advice to help people make smart financial decisions. The blog covers a variety of topics, not just car insurance. I have not been able to find the criteria that was used in order to decide which insurance companies were the top five.

Number one on the list is Progressive, thanks to it’s unbeatable rates and personalize insurance policies. The downside is that it’s customer service can be “spotty”. Number two was Allstate, because of it’s rebates and discounts for safe drivers. However, it also says that customers may need to put in some effort to follow up on discounts, to make sure they were applied.

Number three is Esurance, which surprised me. They seem to have been selected because they are “environmentally friendly”, because they only exist online. The down side, of course, is that you won’t be able to find a local agent when you need one. Number four was Geico, because of it’s flexible payment plan. The complaint about Geico was that their policy changes can sometimes be slow. Number five was State Farm, which is my insurance company. I’m happy with my current agent, but was very displeased with the one I had previous to her.

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