Scavenger Hunt List – Fall

As promised, here’s the scavenger hunt list. (To review how to play, see Marriage Activity: Seasonal Scavenger Hunt – Fall.)

Good luck and happy scavenging this fall!

Scavenger Hunt Item List

1. Gaze at falling stars together.

2. Peep at the changing leaves. (Many ways to do this: (a) Pack a picnic and enjoy it in a tree-filled park. (b) Talk a walk or ride your bike along a trail in a tree-filled forest. (c) Take a scenic drive through a tree-filled countryside.)

3. Find a farm where you can pick apples.

4. Bake an apple pie with your fresh-picked apples. (See Valorie’s recipe for Delicious Apple-Pear Pie, or, if you’re not an apple pie fan, check out Michele’s Autumn Recipes series A is for Apple and F is for Fresh Fruit for apple recipe ideas.)

5. Get lost in a corn maze.

6. Visit a pumpkin patch and pick a pumpkin.

7. Carve your pumpkin.

8. What would you look like as a couple of scarecrows? Find out! Take some of your old clothes and use them to fashion scarecrows in your image.

9. Get your funky chicken on at an Oktoberfest in your area.

10. Football anyone? Toss the pig skin in your yard just the two of you or attend a football game.

11. Enjoy your alma mater’s homecoming festivities. (High school, college, or both.)

12. Make yard chores fun. Take a half an hour to rake your leaf piles as high as possible and then jump in them.

13. Go back to school together –sign up for a class at your local community college and learn something like a new language together or about digital photography (so you can get the best pics of you two doing all of your scavenger hunt fun).

14. Take a hayride.

15. Visit a fall fair or fest.

16. Dare to explore a haunted house or two.

17. Visit a costume shop and or thrift store and pick out your Halloween costumes.

18. Decorate for Halloween.

19. Get your spook on –take a ghost tour of your city or city’s cemetery.

20. Volunteer together somewhere. Take food to a food bank (or serve food at a food line), help clean up a park, or spend time doing some good at a local nature center.

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