School Cafeterias are Losing Money

It is a growing trend for more and more students to bring their lunch to school. More and more parents are packing up lunch boxes rather than paying the cafeteria for their children’s lunch. Some parents pack lunches due to picky eaters while others are simply being cost conscious. For whatever the reason, cafeterias are taking note.

Cafeterias are noticing the trend. They say that they are being forced to give students more options and better food in order to try to increase the number of children who purchase lunch from them.

My school cafeteria presently offers two entrees and about three to four different sandwiches a day plus the option of a salad.

D.C. school cafeterias are also being to give students more trendy foods. They are now trying to steer clear of the typical school lunch bland foods such as pizza, chicken nuggets, and Salisbury steak. They are moving toward wraps, made-to-order hamburgers, stir fry, and more.

Many cafeterias are being forced to change their menus due to losing money. They hope to start making gains or at least to break even.

Some cafeterias offer extras for students to buy such as flavored waters and juices.

Many schools are struggling with meeting the new health guidelines plus satisfying the taste of the children. They admit that the children are their customers and that they must be satisfied if they are expected to buy food from the cafeteria.

Washington schools’ food service lost over ten million dollars last year and is expected to lose over eleven million this year. They claim that over 60 percent of the high school students are choosing not to purchase school lunches. The largest complaint was the taste of the school food.

They are now taking proposal from food contractors and hope to turn this around next school year.

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