School for Special Needs Adults Opens Business

In most cases special needs students are taken well care of as children. Their needs are met and they are educated to the best of the school’s ability. I have seen many special needs children at various schools. They are usually very happy and content in their surroundings. They are very excited to have the opportunity to visit with other children and take part in normal daily activities.

Unfortunately many of us forget that these precious children grow up to be special needs adults. What happens to them then? We are all about taking care of the special needs children. However, we have fewer opportunities for adults with special needs.

That is why when I ran across this story, a warm feeling came across me.

I recently read about a school for special needs adults (ages 18 – 26) that is trying to help the students make a smooth transition into the world.

The school, Pathway School (which is operated by Livingston Educational Agency), is helping students learn how to manage a job. They are using a real factory setting to introduce the students to the responsibilities that come from employment. They are also teaching the students many work skills.

The school has opened an official business in which where the students work. The business idea came from a therapy dog that visits with the students. The company makes dog biscuits for the community.

The students are learning how to handle the workforce through a safe educational environment. They work together as an assembly line to roll out dough, cut, and bake dog biscuits. The biscuits are then packaged and sold. Most of the biscuits are sold to family and friends. However, some have been sold to the public.

The money raised from selling the biscuits is used to help fund activities for the students and purchase supplies for the school.

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