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Most of the time, when children are asked about their favorite subject at school, lunch and recess are often included. No matter what classes your child is involved in, or what topics they learn about in school, there is one constant throughout elementary school. Lunch and recess.

In an earlier article, Scrapbooking School Layouts, I shared with you a layout I did, when I just happened to be at my daughter’s school one day, that they had indoor recess. I was extremely happy I had my camera with me, and was able to capture the fun and games the kids had on a rainy day.

Personally, I think including a scrapbook layout or two about lunch and recess is an important part of commemorating each year of your child’s elementary school years.

Think about how their food tastes might have changed. For instance, several years ago, my daughter wouldn’t even touch the cafeteria food. She chose to bring lunch everyday in her Strawberry Shortcake lunch box. Most of the time it was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, cut into shapes, an apple, a cookie, a package of crackers and a juice box.

However, now as a mature third grader, she enjoys a more diverse lunch menu each day, as she buys her lunch at school every single day. She has choices like Taco’s and Nachos, Pizza and Sloppy Joes. She loves having choices, and without a doubt will make several trips to the salad bar and absolutely no lunch is complete without a carton of chocolate milk. Although she might not be as impressed viewing a layout about buying lunch at school right now, she might enjoy hearing that story as she grows older and her food interests continue to change.

And as do most children, she absolutely loves it when I come and eat lunch with her. Typically mom brings a special treat for her to share with the few select friends she invites to eat with her on these special days. These are other memorable events I feel as if I should commemorate.

The same is true for recess. Several years ago, you would have found her only on the swings. Last year she discovered the monkey bars and has remained true to them even still. She has also discovered four square and jump rope, and other playground games.

For indoor recess, several years ago she would have preferred games and being read to, but now she opts for reading books about horses and playing computer games.

Our children change so fast, so why not take an everyday part of their life and create a lasting layout to remind them for years to come?

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