School Learning- October is Fire Prevention Month

October is fire prevention month. Fire prevention month began after the Great Chicago Fire on October 9, 1871.

As many of you parents have already realized, most school age children are learning about fire prevention in class. Most kindergarten students will complete a fire prevention theme unit. Fire trucks and fire fighters often visit the children at school.

To add to the learning that children are experiencing at school, parents can discuss fire safety and fire prevention at home. Your child may come home and ask you about some of the following ideas and topics.

Make an escape plan.
Make sure that your family knows where to meet after they are out of the house. This will prevent people from going back into the house to look for someone that has already come out.

Check or install smoke alarms.
Most fire prevention discussions detail how homes should have smoke alarms. Make sure that your home has smoke alarms with working batteries.

Ways to get out.
Children learn that they should know two ways to get out of their home in case of a fire. They also learn how to never open a door that feels hot.

Heat and smoke are on the rise.
During fire prevention month, Children learn that crawling on the floor is the best way to stay out of the smoke. You may also want to practice stop, drop, and roll techniques with your child.

Fire fighters are friends.
During fire prevention month, teachers try to introduce children to fire fighters. When in full gear with facemasks, firemen can appear scary. Make sure that your child has seen a firefighter in full gear. Also make certain that your child will not run or hide from a fireman.

Call 911
During this month, many children will be introduced to the number 911. Make sure that your child understands the seriousness of calling the number. Stress that the number should be called but only in a case of emergency.

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