Pink Haired Student Gets the Boot and College Co-eds Make the Most of Bad Weather

Strep throat and the flu have been going around, but that’s not what has kept 11-year-old
Natasha Rzanca out of Sawyer Elementary School for more than a week. The Michigan fifth-grader isn’t sick nor has she been suspended. Rather, the reason for her extended absence from school has to do with the color of her hair.

The mini fashionista decided to dye her hair pink and now she’s dealing with the consequences of her actions. According to reports, school administrators were less than pleased with Natasha’s new look (her mother didn’t mind the color) and demanded that she remain at home until her hair returns to its “normal color.”

School administrators say they stand behind their decision to keep the girl out of class as they felt Natasha’s locks served as a distraction to other students and didn’t follow the standard dress code.

According to Natasha’s mom, she plans to help her daughter dye her hair back to its natural brown color so the girl can return to class by the end of the week.


Thousands of students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison tried to make the most of Old Man Winter’s latest hit, but they ended up falling a bit short.

A Saturday afternoon attempt to break a 2006 snowball fight record set by 3,700 students at Michigan Technological University, got the cold shoulder by one too many coeds.

According to reports, two teams of University of Wisconsin-Madison students pelted each other with snowballs, but the 45-minute battle failed to go down in history as hoped. Only 2,000 students showed up for the winter melee despite the fact that 4,000 people had joined the event’s Facebook group in advance of the fight.

School officials were prepared for a record turnout, recruiting volunteer emergency medical technicians to monitor the brawl. Unfortunately, Mother Nature got the best of the students. Temperatures in Madison were only in the single digits this weekend, and the powdery snow on campus was hard to pack.

Event organizers say they plan to go for the record again later this winter.

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