School Newspaper

My school puts out a newsletter (several pages like a newspaper) once a month. The paper is created by the staff.

Many other schools also create newspapers and newsletters that describe the events of the school and the student body. Some schools have a teacher or a secretary create the paper. Other schools have a class or group of students create the paper.

There were two reasons why a recent story that I came across stopped me dead on my feet.

The first reason is because it discusses a student made newspaper that is published for the school. I think that it very neat when students participate in creating a paper like this. Besides the spelling, grammar, writing, and computer skills that it takes, it also helps the students get in touch with the school and the student body.

The second reason that this story caught my eye is that the students creating the paper are kindergarten and first grade students. Most classes that I know that have created a school paper have been gifted or middle school. I have never taught of a group of primary students taking on a task such as this.

The class is at Borton Primary Magnet School. The class visited a newspaper company, got ideas, and got to work. They did interviews, gathered news, and built a model of a newspaper print room in their class. The teacher says that she achieved the teaching of many skills through the newspaper. The class even created crossword puzzles.

Thinking of taking on something like this in my kindergarten class is overwhelming. I am thinking that maybe the fact that this was created at a magnet school had something to do with the success of carrying out the project. I also wonder how much the children actually did or were they continuously guided and directed by the teacher. Either way, way to go Borton!

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