School Overcrowding

Schools face many different problems in today’s world. They must deal with new types of behavior troubles. They must address children with various emotional issues and unique family situations. In addition to these personal problems, teachers and schools must also deal with physical issues such as overcrowding.

When the number of students is excessive, the schools have no choice but to create new classrooms. The states typically mandate a maximum number of students that can be in each classroom. Schools may not go over this number.

However, schools may find themselves in a crunch when there are no more rooms available. Some schools can be seen with portable buildings out front. Rooms inside the building that were not created to be classrooms are being turned into them. For example, teachers’ lounges, instructional assistants’ rooms, special education rooms, and more may be now used as a regular classroom.

Overcrowding of schools can have a very negative effect on everyone in the community. Teachers find it harder to teacher under crowded circumstances. Students have a harder time learning, and the community finds that they are normally asked to pay taxes to fund new building programs.

Each day, the population in society is increasing. Schools and school boards cannot stop people from having children and sending them to school. Therefore they must address the issue.

Some school districts try to control overcrowding of schools by enforcing zoning. However in many cases this only shifts the problem to a different school rather than solving it.

My school district does not enforce zoning for students. However due to overcrowding we do have different requirements for the next school year. Schools who are their max when it comes to capacity may not accept any new children who are out of the transportation zone. Parents must also complete a request form if they wish for their child to attend a school out of their transportation zone. The director can then determine which students are accepted and which schools have room for these children.


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