Schools Deal with Rising Gas Prices

Previously I had commented on how the rise in gas prices had affected schools. Schools are spending more and more money on transportation. Many field trips have been cut out and districts are losing money on transporting students to and from school.

I was actually surprised to see that Middle Tennessee had made the NEA morning reports with their story on how the schools have been negatively affect by gas prices.

Just today I noticed that the price had rose another three cents. It seems that it is not going down anytime soon.

My district had begun taking measures to fight the cost of gas. In the past school years students have come to school for about an hour on the last day to receive their report card. The buses actually drove up, let the children off to get the report card, and then took the children back home. I have never really been certain why it is this way but it has been for years.

This year the buses will not run on that day. Students can still come to pick up their report card but someone must drive them. If that is not possible they can bring in a stamped envelope and the report card will be mailed to them.

In other attempts to save on the cost of gas, a rumor has been circulating. Nothing official has been stated and I am uncertain if there is any truth to the story.

However, rumor has it that it is being considered for students to attend school only four days a week next school year. The students would go longer each day and be off every Friday. This would cut out one day of school bus gas use per week.

I personally think that this would be cost efficient and I would love to have the day off. Since we are already at school on those four days, we might as well stay there and get our work completed. However, I am sure that there are some who do not share my opinion.

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