School’s Out, School’s Out, Teacher Let the Monkeys Out!

Do you remember that saying from when you were a kid? I remember thinking it was pretty silly but that’s before I had kids! I’m just joking about that but school will be out soon and that’s not a joke. So, how will you adjust to having the kids home for summer vacation? Will your household be chaotic or calm?

Do you like to keep the days structured even during the summer? For many, this is the only way to keep the chaos down to a minimum. Others aren’t big on routine and feel as if kids should have a break from the rigid structure during the school year. I think maybe there’s a happy medium.

I like to plan some things and stay somewhat organized but I’m much more inclined to go with a freewheeling attitude. The whole family seems more relaxed when things are a little more flexible. I don’t want craziness but I don’t mind casualness.

However, I do have to have some sense of order, so things like chores must still be done regularly and thoroughly. I don’t make everybody get up at a certain time, but I don’t do the sleeping the day away thing either. In fact, I tend to get up early (even if not as early as during the school year) so I can work or have a few minutes to myself before my husband and kids wake up and the day begins in full force.

Even though there are guidelines I keep, I do prefer a more relaxed pace with no set dinnertime and not a lot of strict time limits on other things (except TV). For our household, this is the time of year to relax and enjoy each other.

So, how will things be in your household throughout the summer?