Science Gender Gap

I have always heard that boys are better in math and science than girls. On the other hand, girls are better readers and writers. At one time, it was thought that the biology of men and women was the cause. However, some researchers believe differently.

From a very early age boys are introduced to science. They are given tinker toys, Lego blocks and dinosaurs. Boys are given the opportunity to explore simple machines and racecars. Girls often miss out on this opportunity. Girls are flourished with dolls and arts and crafts. Girls lack the experience in science and feel that they are not adequate in scientific thinking.

Society has placed the stereotype of boys succeeding in science over girls. Scientists are though to be very competitive non-social people. Boys tend to be more competitive and less social than girls. Therefore, it is though that boys should do far better in science than girls.

I other research, It was also found that parents are more likely to let girls drop out of math and science classes than boys. They are also not as shocked about lower grades in the two subjects when a girl is concerned. Teachers tend to call on boys for answers and demonstrations in science and math classes.

According to research, we are contributors of the low self-esteem girls often acquire about science. There are some things that parents and teachers can do to encourage both boys and girls to excel in science. Try some of the ideas below!

· Think about the types of toys that you buy for your children. Girls are equally capable of enjoying a chemistry set as boys.

· Get involved in your child’s science class at school. Find out what the class is studying and expand your child’s knowledge by finding experiments or topics that relate to the study.

· Encourage your daughter to take science classes in high school.

· Find women who have chosen a career in science and have her talk to the class.

Girls and boys should be given equally opportunities in all fields of study.

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