Score Big Bling on Your Next Vacation


Have you ever dreamed of being showered with diamonds?

If so, you probably figured the bling would come courtesy of your sweetheart, not a chain hotel. But that’s exactly where you can win a whole lot of sparkle beginning September 28th.

Holiday Inn locations in the United Kingdom are celebrating their 60th anniversary by placing real diamonds worth nearly $40,000 under select guests’ pillows.

The diamonds will be left in hotel rooms throughout Europe, including Spain, Germany, France, Turkey, Belgium and the Netherlands. What’s more, you don’t have to stay more than one night in order to win. As added incentive, Holiday Inn is providing customers with digital and mobile clues as to where the diamonds are located, in order to generate social media buzz.

If you are one of the lucky guests, you will find a diamond weighing more than one carat under your pillow.

Talk about sweet dreams.

In other hotel news you can use, Comfort Inn is planning to give guests more bang for their buck this fall.

Next month, Comfort Inn and Suites hotel will open in Spokane Valley, Washington, as the brand’s first newly redesigned property. Meanwhile, more than 100 other properties are in the midst of major renovations, which include an upgrade of more than 234,000 beds and nearly 1 million pillows. Beginning in late fall you will be given a choice of soft or firm pillows when you check in.

Another big change is Comfort Suites new “Your Suite Success” in-room recharge stations that allow you to boost your electronic devices. The chain’s fitness centers are also getting an upgrade, as well as the front desk areas, which will now feature a reception desk and stone backdrop with soft lighting. Some changes have already been made, such as the chain’s upgraded “Your Morning Breakfast,” which includes hot items and new flavored waffles.

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