Scrap Before the Baby Arrives

I remember trying to design scrapbook layouts during my newborn’s naps—FAILURE!

Woe is the new mom trying to piecemeal a pregnancy scrapbook in the early days after giving birth. Unless you have a night nurse or a fantastic husband, who will manage the baby while you get your beauty rest, I would highly suggest spending as much time crafting your pregnancy scrapbook before the baby arrives.

A lot happens in the nine months between conception and delivery. Between doctor visits, decorating the nursery, and choosing a baby name, you may feel like you haven’t got a moment to spare. However, taking the time to create a pre-baby scrapbook is well worth the effort.

Along with the pictures of your burgeoning belly and photos from your baby shower(s), a huge part of pregnancy scrapbooks is the journaling. Jotting down your feelings and experiences, as your child grows inside of you, is the cornerstone of great pregnancy scrapbooks.

Journaling topics include:

Baby announcement: When did you announce your good news? Who was first to know? How did you share the news with your spouse, parents, friends, etc.?

Symptoms: What were some of your first pregnancy symptoms? What was your strangest pregnancy craving? Were you a pickles and ice cream girl, or did you crave tacos and fruit?

Baby’s gender: Did you choose to find out your baby’s gender in advance? Why or why not?

Name: How did you choose your baby’s name? What were some of the names you didn’t select? Did you tell people the name before the baby’s arrival or did you keep it a surprise? How hard was it to settle on the name that you did?

Nursery: What theme did you select for your baby’s nursery? Who helped you shop for the contents?

Shower: How many baby showers did you have? What was the theme? Who attended? What gifts did you receive?

Labor and Delivery: What was your labor and delivery experience like? Did it live up to your expectations? How did you feel when you saw your baby for the first time? Who came to visit you and your baby in the hospital? Depending on how intense your labor and delivery was you may want to make a separate scrapbook that chronicles your entire time at the hospital.

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