Scrap Your Daily Life

Scrap Your Daily Life Details

Would you like to know what your mom did when she first woke up each morning while you were growing up? Or what your favorite dinner was when you were young? What was the daily errand schedule of your mom when you were little? These are priceless bits of information that, if not recorded, will be lost forever.

Keeping a daily journal is one way to record these small slices of life. Another way is to complete scrapbook layouts focusing in on different aspects of the “mundane” things you do.

You can also complete an album that focuses on a week or a month in your life.

This month I have taken on the challenge of scrapbooking each day of my life. There are many different ways that you could approach this. I’d like to share what I have learned so far from this project.

1. Use an album smaller than 8 X 8 so that your daily pages can be completed quickly since you won’t have as much space to cover as you would with a bigger album.

2. Journal nightly so that you can remember the little details of the day.

3. I’ve decided to just write down random pieces of information from my day. You could also pick one thing that stood out that day and write about it.

4. Include some pictures. You may not want to include a picture on every layout, but photos can be a fun addition to documenting your everyday events. For example, on Wednesdays I teach piano lessons, so I included a picture of my piano of the page for that day. Remember to keep your camera with you so that you won’t miss anything!

5. Use one similar way to date each page. This will keep it easy and help you keep the days organized.

6. Choose one paper line and use it throughout the album. This will simplify your process and make it easy to complete on layout each night.

7. Write about what you ate for dinner, where you went on your errands, what things you did at work that day. Whatever you think is fun to document. Dont’ forget to include your thoughts and feelings too.

Keep the album simple and fun. This is sure to be a family treasure.

All of the paper used on this album is from Scrapbook Circle’s upcoming October Kit.