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There are so many things that we can scrapbook about. But, too often, I think we forget to scrapbook about one of the most important things in our lives….ourselves! In my article, A Yearly Layout about YOU!! I wrote about just that. When my daughter was first born, I was an addicted scrapper. I scrapped her photos non-stop creating 1-2 new layouts a day. I didn’t want to get behind. Well, as all scrappers know, getting behind is inevitable. I had baby number 2 a couple of years later, and I’ve been behind ever since. But, while I was scrapping so much during that time, I rarely scrapped about anything BUT my child. However, it’s important that we don’t forget ourselves in our scrapbooking.

One creative idea to scrap about yourself is to scrap your favorite song. I did this once. Although I am not sure I would say it is my favorite song, it is one that is very dear to me. It is Absence of Fear by Jewel. This song was in my wedding video, and I feel like it really does speak to how I feel about my relationship with my husband. He calms me so much, and makes me a better person. He takes away a lot of the stress and anxiety that I have in my life. Here are the lyrics:

“Inside my skin there is this space, It twists and turns, It bleeds and aches. Inside my heart, there’s an empty room, It’s waiting for lightning, It’s waiting for you. And I am wanting, And I am needing you here, Inside the Absence of Fear. Muscle and sinew, Velvet and stone, This vessel is haunted, It creaks and moans. My bones call to you, In their separate skin, I make myself translucent to let you in, for I am wanting, And I am needing you here Inside the absence of fear. There is this hunger, This restlessness inside of me and it knows that you’re no stranger, you’re my gravity. My hands will adore you through all darkness aim, they will lay you out in moonlight and reinvent your name. For I am wanting you And i am needing you here, I need you near, Inside the absence of fear”

This layout was all about the title work and lyrics. I actually wrote all the lyrics by hand and cut them up in strips as my journaling. I laid those strips down starting at the photograph, and circling around the entire layout. The effect was nice. It kept the eye moving and interested. As I look back at this layout now, I like to reflect on my wedding, why I married my husband, and who I am today as a result of what I’ve been through. Those lyrics remind me of that. That is something beautiful. Try scrapping your favorite song and it will be something to cherish forever.

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