Scrapbook Albums That Won’t Break The Bank

Albums are beginning to show up in all shapes and sizes. While researching albums for this article, I stumbled across 4×4, 6×6, 8×8, 81/2×11 and 12×12 for the most standard sizes. But aside from those, there are also all sorts of mini-albums and ring-type albums available.
Standard albums seem to be offered mostly in 3-ring style, post-bound and strap hinge. There are however wire-bound albums and albums that you can craft yourself with ribbons or fibers to hold them together.

I’ve tried out several different types of albums and thought I’d provide some information to help make purchasing an album a little easier.

scrapbook albums scrapbookingMy favorite albums for cost are Pioneer. These are typically available at most crafts stores that sell scrapbooking supplies, as well as online. They come in all sorts of different covers from leather to fabric and patterns galore. They are typically in the $10-$25 price range depending on size. They can be purchased with 40% off coupons at most general craft stores. I usually purchase them in 12×12 sizes; however have also tried them in 8.5×11. These albums are sturdy and durable, and are available in post-bound allowing for additional pages, which are sold separately, to be added later.

scrapbook album scrapbookingAnother favorite of mine is Colorbok Albums. They are pretty inexpensive with a 12×12 album costing around $20.00. They are durable, expandable and labled “the perfect scrapbook” by designer Jill Rinner. The albums come in several different fun colors so there’s something for every theme. They are also available in leather and suede making for some unique albums.

scrapbook albums scrapbookingChatterbox is my newest acquisition in the album market. I love their albums. I purchased a 12×12 album and love it. One of the great things with Chatterbox albums is that they coordinate with the full-line of Chatterbox Scrapbook Interior products. The covers are a soft suede and are absolutely beautiful. The page protectors are great too, because they allow for more lumpy bumpy embellishments to be placed on your pages and still layouts easily slip in. Refills are available to expand your albums further. Chatterbox albums are a little more expensive, with approximate price falling somewhere around $28-30.

There are dozen’s of companies that carry wonderfully made scrapbook albums. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, as long as you are happy. Shop around, feel them, touch them and open them and close them. Be sure it’s an album you see lasting you for a very long time.

Please feel free to share any other album companies that you love as well. There are a couple of other’s I use that I really enjoy!