Scrapbook Answers Girls’ Weekend

Looking for a fun getaway this summer that includes some relaxing and scrapbooking? If you answered yes, then the Scrapbook Answers’ Girls Weekend may be just what you need.

This is an event brought to us by one of my favorite scrapbook magazines, Scrapbook Answers. This Girls’ Weekend event will take place in Phoenix, AZ at the Arizona Biltmore, August 10-13.

The classes being offered mainly involve creating a wide variety of mini-books and mini-albums. There is also a project where you alter a mailbox. All of the attendees will get to participate in all of the classes. They have everyone divided into different groups that will rotate through all of the events. This is a great idea because at most scrapbook events you have to choose your classes and don’t get to do everything at the event.

The teachers are from Scrapbook Answers Magazine and other well known scrapbookers.

The cost of this event is $495. At first, I thought this was really too expensive, but after considering all that is included, it seemed like a fair price. This price does include breakfast and lunch each day and all of the classes and events. It is at a very nice resort hotel, so you will get what you pay for.

You will need to book your hotel separately. The discount rate for the Biltmore is $119 per night. If you split this cost with a friend, it is only $60 per night.

If you do plan on attending, keep in mind that the weather in going to be hot. It is usually 110 degrees (or more) in August in Phoenix, so be prepared. Plan on staying inside with the cool air conditioning or by the pool where you will want to spend your time in the pool rather than lounging in a chair next to the pool.

If you would like more information on Scrapbook Answers Magazine, you can read Nicole’s review of the magazine.