Scrapbook Challenge: Use Some Old Photos

Scrapbook Some Older Photos

When I am scrapbooking, I am usually preserving photos of a special time from one of my kids’ lives. But I decided to challenge myself to go back through old photos and choose a few to scrapbook from my own life. Luckily even before I really got into the paper and embellishment fun of scrapbooking, I was interested in taking pictures and organizing them in albums. Since the pictures were already organized, it was easy to go back and choose a few that would be fun to scrapbook.

For both of the following layouts, I really wanted the photos to be the focus. I love doing large groupings of photos where the photo edges touch. I think it has a dramatic effect on the layout. Of course, on each layout I left space for journaling.

Here is the first layout I completed using some photos from over 10 years ago. It was so fun to reflect on all of the things that I used to love (and still do) about Carlsbad, California. I love it there because of the good memories I have of that place. Although the photos are all taken on the same trip, I reflected back over the years and journaled about memories from several different years I have of that place.

On my next layout, I choose some pictures from a weekend getaway from college with my cousins and roommate. I loved remembering that trip and how funny it was at the time to figure out a way to lock our bikes up to the car’s seat belt hanging out the window while we slept.

I challenge you to revisit some old memories by looking through old photos and creating a layout with them. If you don’t have photos, think about a special place from your childhood and do a layout with journaling and a few embellishments.

Enjoy revisiting your past!

Both of these layouts were completed using Scrapbook Circle’s July kit.