Scrapbook Dangers


I suppose there are dangers involved with any hobby, though you wouldn’t think an innocent passion like scrapbooking would come with major risks.

Then again, there are ways you can reduce endangering yourself while putting together a scrapbook layout. Case in point: Using proper tools.

And by proper tools, I don’t mean using a dull razor blade to cut chipboard.

It’s a mistake my neighbor made a few weeks ago while crafting a Mother’s Day page design. Using a die cut machine would have made more sense. Actually, using a sharp craft knife would have sufficed, but she thought she would be able to simply press harder with a dull razor blade to accommodate for the thickness of the chipboard. Her decision resulted in a trip to the ER and four stitches.

Extra-strong scrapbooking adhesives also pose a danger if you are not careful. While photo squares and mounting tape film are great for keeping smaller items in place on a layout, when you need extra support you are better off using Tacky Tape. The double-sided adhesive is designed to keep bulkier, heavier items attached to page designs. However, you don’t want to leave the tape out if you have small children around. Tacky Tape features a super sticky layer that can easily adhere to skin and hurts when you try to remove it. What’s more, you can also cause damage to furniture if you accidently place Tacky Tape on its surface. Removing it can be a real pain and it may strip paint or finishes in the process.

If sharp tools and adhesives weren’t enough to contend with, there are many scrappers who can attest to the dangers affiliated with brads. The embellishments can yield eye-popping layouts, but if you are not careful about watching over your collection you could end up with a very sore foot. I once dropped a fully-decorated brad on the floor without realizing it… until I stepped on it and the prongs dug deep into my heel. We don’t wear shoes in our home, so the prongs pierced my skin and caused a shooting pain to travel up my leg.

What types of accidents have you experienced from scrapbooking?

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