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Happy Weekend! I’m so happy it’s finally here. I love it when I get to spend the weekend with my kids, my boyfriend and his kids, doing whatever we want and there are no time constraints, schedules or what-not to keep us busy. This weekend is one of those for us; a nice relaxing, but fun weekend.

I hope you all have a great weekend too – I encourage you to make some memories, take some pictures and get some scrapbooking done!

And for the Friday Scrapbook Funnies I decided to include some cute poems I’ve been saving that are just itching to become a part of a layout! Either that or they’d be cute on some cards you make. No matter what you do with them, enjoy them! I will be providing more next week! Enjoy!

Just A’Scrappin’
Author: Joyce Mitchell

How time does fly when having fun,
And so very little housework done.
My mind is busy as can be
Cause I’m just a’scrappin’, don’t you see?

Thinking of layouts all day long
Paper everywhere; supplies seem gone
Can’t find anything, woe is me…
I’m just a’scrappin’, don’t you see?

Dishes piled high but can’t quit now
Got a brainstorm and a wrinkled brow
But I’m content as I can be
Cause I’m just a’scrappin’, don’t you see?

Scrapilicious is a’ Scrappin!
Author: Pamela Blackmon

I’m a’cuttin,
I’m a’scrappin.
Let me tell you,
What is happenin.

So many boxes full of pics,
I can’t believe I have so many.
Bout time I get off my butt,
And scrap these faces a’plenty.

This is my new expensive fun,
I need a second job to pay.
But I can glue and cut stuff,
I just keep my fingers out of the way.

I joined a Scrapin website of course,
To learn more about scrapbooking.
I made some friends unexpectedly,
Now I don’t have to keep looking.

I now have knowledge of the paper,
And some fine friends with tons of wit.
Scrapin, croppin and a’chattin,
Now I’ll have to “Scrap it”

I want to say “Thank You”.
To all my friends in here.
Now send me a hug,
Before I scrap my beer.

A Scrapbook Crop Day
Author: C. Nathalie Ellen Milliken

To sit with my friends
Is such a delight;
We sit and we scrap
All day and all night.

A crop day always
Is so much more fun
Than washing, cleaning,
or errands to run.

A potluck makes the
Day seem complete;
There’s plenty of food,
Its really a feast.

Fun games and prizes,
And new things to try,
We all go home happy,
And now you know why

A scrapbook crop day
Can be so much fun;
You’re making new friends
And getting things done.

A Scrapbooker
Author: unknown

A scrapbooker
is a treasure seeker,
a rainbow chaser,
a smile maker,
a memory keeper.

She preservers a moment
in time and saves a dream
from being forgotten.

She clothes a piece
of yesterday in the caring hands
of today and makes a legacy
of love for tomorrow.

A scrapbooker
is a treasure seeker,
a rainbow chaser,
a smile maker,
a memory keeper.

Shes one who sees
that knowing our roots
gives us wings…
and understanding our past
gives us hope to celebrate
our future.

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