Scrapbook Goals for 2006

Now that I am looking toward a new year, I thought that it was appropriate that I should set some scrapbook goals for this upcoming year. Here they are:

1. Work at least 15 minutes in my craft room each day. I feel that it is important to do something scrapbook related each day. It doesnĂȘt mean that I need to work on a layout each day. Sometimes I will organize my paper scraps or sort through pictures. There is always something to be done. Sometimes the 15 minutes will turn into a lot more time and then I really will be making progress.

2. Try a new technique each month. I think that it will be a great way to expand my skills if I learn a new technique each month. I want to try iron-ons, learn some new embossing techniques, and try sewing on my pages.

3. Make gift albums for each of my kids on their birthdays. I made my first gift album this year. It was so much fun. I loved that it was finished quickly and there was a final product to show. With my usual chronological scrapbooks, I am never really finished, so the finished gift album was very satisfying. It is my hope that my kids will cherish the albums that I make for each of them.

4. Improve my photography skills. This year I have started focusing on my photography and have taken some really nice photographs. I want to continue to develop this skill.

5. Search out new favorite paper lines and embellishments. I love paper and new fun things to add to my pages. I plan to continue to my constant search for new, innovative products.

6. Search out new items to decorate my craft space. I want to look for items that inspire me to want to create. Maybe an ornate bookshelf, wall hanging or some silk plants or flowers.

I hope that these goals will help you to create a few of your own. Happy New Year!