Scrapbook Items to Pack for Vacations

Vacation Preparations

Creating a scrapbook of a special vacation can be such a fun project. You can make creating this album much easier on yourself with a little planning before you leave.

I would like to suggest a few things you will want to pack for your vacation that will help you create your album once you arrive home.

Large plastic baggies. Pack enough baggies so that you will have one for each day you will be on vacation. Label and designate one baggie for each day you will be away. Each night when you return to your hotel, empty all of the memorabilia you have collected throughout the day and fill the designated baggie.

Film. Load up on film if you will need it for your camera.

Camera Batteries. Whether you use a digital or regular 35mm camera, make sure that you have batteries for your camera. If your camera uses a rechargeable battery, make sure to pack the battery charger.

A notebook. Find a small notebook that will easily fit in your bag or pocket. Use it throughout the day to make notes about interesting things that happen. This is also a great way to help you remember those funny (and not so funny) moments that tend to happen while you travel. If you don’t want to carry the notebook with you, at least commit to jotting down the highlights of the day each night before going to bed. You could tear the pages out of your notebook and put them in the baggie about that day. You could even give each of your kids a notebook. If your children are not old enough to write, they could draw a picture of their favorite part of their day each night.

In an earlier blog, I shared an idea for creating a scrapbook album for the vacation while you are on the vacation. You may find some more helpful ideas for preparing to scrapbook while on vacation.