Scrapbook Kit Clubs: How does it work?

Have you ever tried joining a Scrapbooking Kit Club? These have become more and more popular over the past few years, and it is the way to get the latest, newest, and cutest stuff for sure! I have joined one of these clubs, and I had so much fun waiting for each kit to come delivered to my door in the mail. It was like Christmas every month!

While I’m not sure that these kit clubs can save you a ton of money, they might save you a little on the newest styles and brands of scrapbooking supplies. It is to your advantage to sign up for more than just one month. Usually, these kit clubs make it cheaper the more months you sign up for. It would be my recommendation to start with a 3-month membership. This will give you an idea of the way a company works, if they are reliable, if their delivery is timely, and if they pick supplies that you will love.

Another advantage is to have all the coordinating stuff in one spot. It is easier to create layouts with all matching papers and embellishments when they come in a nice, neat little package. Usually, these kit clubs include papers, alphabet stickers, and embellishments that coordinate. Depending on how long you can stretch your supplies, you can create 10-12 layouts per kit. That’s not bad!

Another idea for taking advantage of these kit clubs is by waiting until the month is over, and buying the kit you love at a reduced price. This does not always work, because often, the kit clubs will sell out of a certain kit. But, if you’re lucky, sometimes you can score the same kit a month after for even cheaper. However, this can take a lot of patience!

Many times, kit clubs will create what they call an “add-on” kit that you have to purchase separately that includes additional stamps, embellishments or ribbon that coordinate with the kit you purchased. If you are a person that loves TONS of embellishments on each page, then buying an add-on kit might be the right choice. However, I found that I had plenty of embellishments for my needs when I purchased the main scrapbooking kit alone. The add-ons might be nice to purchase for that one kit that you are just in love with and can’t get enough of. Also, you don’t have to purchase the main kit to get the add-on kit. So, if you just want the embellishments without the paper, this would also be a good option!

There is a website called that features scrapbook kit clubs. This is a place where you can see featured kit clubs (because there are literally hundreds of clubs out there) and decide which one might be the right fit for you. On this website, they also demonstrate how to use some of these products! It’s a great way to see all of the kit clubs in one spot.

Whatever you decide, it can’t hurt to join for a month or two, see if you like this way of shopping for supplies, and decide if it’s something that you can’t live without. It’s a great option to take all of the guess work out of which supplies to buy. After all, we’ve all been in scrapbooking stores that make us feel overwhelmed because there is just too much to buy. This will definitely help narrow it down, and give you the latest supplies and designs in the industry.

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